3 Reasons Christianity Makes More Sense Than Atheism

During the time in my life when Christianity didn’t make sense, I didn’t want to be a Christian. If it weren’t true, I didn’t want to waste my time with it. Religion makes a lame hobby!

People are often surprised to hear that Christians actually think that Christianity is true in a, “gravity exists and is true” sort of way. Our culture seems to think that religion — or “faith” — is a crutch that weak people use to get through life. While this may be true for some, this does not describe Christianity at it’s core.

I’m going to share with you three examples of how Christianity makes more sense — matches reality better — than atheism.

1. We exist

Atheists believe that only material things exist. So, this universe and its material (atoms) are all that there is. However, modern science points to the universe having a start. In other words, there was a time when it didn’t exist, and then it came into being.

So, how do you explain that there is “something” rather than nothing? If you’re an atheist, you think the universe popped into existence without a cause and from nothing.

A powerful, immaterial, and intelligent being (God) makes much more sense as a cause than “nothing”. The fact that we, and everything, exists

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2. We Make Choices

If only material things exist, then there is no soul, mind, or immaterial self. We are just animals. Our consciousness is an illusion. Our “choices” are not the consequence of us making a free will decision. They are the result of chemical reactions in our brain. The whole universe, and indeed our “choices” are no different than a complex version of pool balls colliding off of each other and into other ones.

Does this make sense of reality? Or do you feel like you make decisions? If you think you’re a robot, then atheism makes sense. If you think you have free will and make real choices, Christianity makes better sense of reality and our experience.

3. We know Good From Evil

If we are just the most evolved animals, and atheism is true, then there is no such thing as morality. If morality is real, it is immaterial. So it doesn’t fit in an atheistic (or materialistic) worldview. However, everyone (with few exceptions) knows right from wrong, and makes moral claims and has a moral sense.

Morality puts others first, but evolution is about my survival, my good. So, if evolution is true, then morality makes no sense. So, once again, the question is: which view makes the most sense of reality? If you have a moral sense, this fits best in a Christian worldview, where morality is real, not in an atheistic one, where morality doesn’t fit or exist.

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Each of these areas could have entires books devoted to them, but they are enough to get people thinking. I always try to help people see that Christianity has explanatory power - it makes the more sense of reality than any other worldview.

The fact that everything exists and had a cause, the fact that we make choices, and that we know good from evil all point to a Creator, a soul, and a Moral Law Giver, AKA God.