Unapologetic: A Guide for Defending Your Christian Convictions

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Unapologetic: A Guide for Defending Your Christian Convictions



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Are you one of the many Christians who desire to be faithful to Christ when talking with friends, co-workers, or relatives? Do you ever wish you were more equipped to demonstrate that your belief in the Gospel is reasonable — that it’s not something we have to believe on blind faith? 

Written on a level that’s accessible for everyone, Unapologetic will equip you to make a persuasive case for God’s existence, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and the resurrection. After establishing how to defend the essential truths of Christianity, we will examine how these truths should be applied today in our context, at the intersection of faith and culture. We’ll also tackle topics like abortion, homosexuality, and tolerance. 

Unapologetic will give you confidence to engage in conversations with those God has placed in your path, so that you can be a faithful ambassador for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


If we as Christians are going to live our lives on mission and follow Jesus into the world, we must minister to the world as it is, not as we want it to be. Brian Seagraves equips the Church to be faithful missionaries in the here and now, through his book "Unapologetic." This is a true gift to the Church as readers will benefit by firming their convictions and being equipped to give an answer for the hope they have in Christ and the Scripture. 

In a world that frankly thinks we are fools and is becoming more hostile towards Christian orthodoxy, this is a timely book I am excited to share with my Church. 

Dean Inserra
Pastor, City Church Tallahassee 


Unapologetic is a user-friendly, practical guide for a complicated subject. World views terminology and concepts as well as logical fallacies are explained in simple language and with numerous examples. Brian builds the case for the Christian world view in a very accessible and comprehensive manner. 

This is a great introduction and survey for those new to the field of apologetics, and it will certainly make you better prepared to share the Truth with your neighbor. 

Hampton Keathley Th.M. 
Cofounder of Bible.org


Unapologetic is intelligent, thoughtful and well researched, yet its greatness can be found in the simplicity of its application in the life of the reader. 

Steve Vaughan
Executive Pastor of Education and Missions, Thomasville Road Baptist Church, Tallahassee