Learn the important foundational concepts in defending the Christian Faith. Taught at Thomasville Road Baptist Church in the summer of 2014


This lesson covers what apologetics is, why it’s necessary, and what a worldview is. In order to talk with people effectively, it’s important to understand how groups of people commonly view the world.


What is truth? Can we know it? Is science the only source of truth?

The Bible – Part 1

Should we trust the Bible because it claims to be God’s word? Or are there better and other reasons to trust it? We’ll examine multiple evidences and the reliability of the New Testament.

The Bible – Part 2

How did we end up with our current English Bible? How should we deal with claims that the Bible was “just written by men” or that we only have copies? Additionally, should we take the Bible literally? And lastly, do all Biblical promises apply to us today?

The Trinity & Cosmological Argument

What does it mean for God to be all powerful? How should we describe and understand the Trinity. And how can we prove God exists without using the Bible?

Creation & Evolution

What does the Bible say about the age of the Earth, and is it important? Would ancient Israel have read Genesis 1 the way we do today? Additionally, is Evolution the best conclusion, after evaluating the evidence?