Gender: A Conversation Guide

The world around us is changing quickly, and it’s difficult to find clarity about some of life’s most important issues. Whether you are a parent, mentor, pastor, or friend, the Building Foundation Series is meant to help you bring clarity in a world spinning in confusion. The Gender Conversation Guide seeks to help families teach the Bible’s view clearly and consistently throughout a child’s life. This book contains two major sections. Part one focuses on what is most critical during three major foundations, or stages, in a child's life. Part two is a toolbox of resources to help you better understand and articulate various topics surrounding gender.


Unapologetic: A Guide for defending your christian convictions

Are you one of the many Christians who desire to be faithful to Christ when talking with friends, co-workers, or relatives? Do you ever wish you were more equipped to demonstrate that your belief in the Gospel is reasonable — that it’s not something we have to believe on blind faith? Written on a level that’s accessible for everyone, Unapologetic will equip you to make a persuasive case for God’s existence, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and the resurrection. After establishing how to defend the essential truths of Christianity, we will examine how these truths should be applied today in our context, at the intersection of faith and culture. We’ll also tackle topics like abortion, homosexuality, and tolerance. Unapologetic will give you confidence to engage in conversations with those God has placed in your path, so that you can be a faithful ambassador for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.