If someone were dying in front of you from lack of oxygen, you would give them CPR right?

What if someone were going to be murdered in front of you, would you take advantage of all available options to stop it? Well, this is the situation that we find ourselves in, in this country. Unborn children are being killed in staggering numbers for incredibly trivial reasons in “women’s health clinics” in our cities. One such “clinic” is less than 10 minutes from my house, off of Apalachee Parkway.

I have made the case for life, and hence the case against abortion elsewhere, but my reason for writing today is to implore you, to ask you, to help support A Woman’s Pregnancy Center (AWPC) in Tallahassee, FL. They counsel women (and men) who are considering abortion. They share the Gospel with these people, who often times feel like they have no other options besides killing their child. They show them that there is another way – a better way. These people and this organization work daily to prevent the murder of children, and you can help!

I have several friends who are participating in “Walk for Life”, a fundraiser that generates money to help keep A Woman’s Pregnancy Center open as a light and resource to women. Please choose one of them below and donate (The money goes straight to the Woman’s Pregnancy Center, not to the walker). We live in in one of the richest counties in the world, the least we can do is give our money to a local organization that shares the Gospel and works to prevent the murder of children.


Jason Pamblanco

Sherri Daume

The Inserra Family

One thought on “Act Now To Help Save A Life!

  1. One of the toughest moments we face is when we ponder our participation in the abortion industry’s great success. "WHAT?" you might ask. "I do not participate in THAT!" But if we live in a town where children are being murdered by the thousands (Tally) and we do not do the imperative actions toward ending this, then we, like the Germans watching the trains roll through their towns toward concentration camps, participate.

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