Regardless of your thoughts about the quality of the production in the movie “God’s not dead”, I find the reasons that some people are criticizing it to be interesting. “It makes all atheists out to be angry” “It portrays Asians and Muslims poorly” Etc. This seems very inconstant to me, for most movies portray a *specific* set of circumstances that are not normative.

Take, for instance, the person who has cancer and is able to save another person with cancer by donating something. Should we understand the movie writers to be saying that all cancer patients can save other cancer patients?

Or what about movies that concern themselves with terrorism? Many depict a Muslim doing violence in the name of Jihad. But, once again, should we understand the writers to be saying that all muslims do this?

Or lastly, consider the “Die Hard” movies, where a single “normal” cop is able to thwart terrorists plots, on his own, time after time. Are the writers of those movies saying that this is normative?


All atheists aren’t angry, all Christians aren’t nice, all cancer patients can’t save other people, all cops aren’t heros.

And, in the same way, from my perspective, the writers of “God’s not dead” were describing a specific set of circumstances that shouldn’t be considered to reflect all atheists, muslims, asians, etc.

I mean, come on, just consider the ending, where everything almost magically comes together. Surely the writers are not saying that such a circumstance reflects normal everyday life.

Those are my thoughts; what are your’s?

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